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The OryConian (Daily 'Zine)

Office (submissions), Registration, Info Desk
Read the latest con news in the daily zine!
Seek out the daily OryCon newsletter and discover announcements, programming updates, and conversation tidbits humorously taken out of context. 

The Friday and Saturday zines appear by early afternoon. The Sunday issue, distributed by noon, wraps up the con and contains final announcements like contest winners. 

Fans can pick up copies in the Office, Registration, Info Desk, and various other convention spaces. 

People with news for the zine can drop off copy in the Office. Good submissions include fannish event announcements, reports of funny things seen at OryCon, and reports of un-funny things people should be warned about. We once got a crossword puzzle, which was cool and unexpected.  

The most popular column is “Overheard in Passing” containing oddball things said at the con without the context in which they made sense. For example: “You know, there’s no reason ninjas couldn’t attack me here.” or “Down the hall. It’s a 10 x 10 room with an orc in it.” Fans love reading these and are welcome to drop off their own observations.