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Restaurant & Serives Guide

Welcome to Portland, which has more breweries than any other city in the world. All indoor sections of restaurants, bars, and stores in Oregon are firmly non-smoking.

Street blocks run 20 to the mile.  Going from an address in the 700s to an address in the 900s will still be about 1/10th of a mile. Buses, the streetcar and light rail trains all use the same ticket.  A two-hour ticket costs $2.50, or $5 for an all-day pass.  Buses require exact change, but many light rail stations have ticket machines accepting credit and debit cards. Some even take cash and give change. Visit www.trimet.org for more information, maps, and door-to-door trip planning.

Nearby eateries are mostly in two corridors, each a pair of one-way streets: Broadway and Weidler Streets run east/west a few blocks north of the hotel, and Grand Ave / Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd run north/south a few blocks west of the hotel.

Most of the restaurants below are within walking distance (one mile). None listed requires dress more formal than a shirt and jeans. Many dineries along Broadway are in remodeled houses (including all the Thai restaurants); there may be stairs to climb to get to the food, so you may wish to call ahead to ask.

These are accurate as of late August, 2013 and all items are subject to change.  More choices are at oregonlive.com/dining and wweek.com/portland/cheapeats .
Note: Portland is a 10-digit dialing city,  always include the area code (either "503" or "971").

OK, let’s start with Starbucks— the closest is in Lloyd Center, across from the Doubletree.  The next closest is in the Safeway just north of Lloyd Center (on the other side of the shopping center from the con hotel).  There’s also another Starbucks a few blocks east of Safeway. And, now the restaurants:

Broadway/Weidler St Corridor (numbers on the cross-streets will go up as you go east)
Mashita Teriyaki, 1612 NE 6th, 503-335-7185 (next to Radio Shack). Small Japanese diner, Mon-Fri: 11A-8P.
Pizza Schmizza, 628 NE Broadway, 503-517-9981 Also pasta and sandwiches,  Mon-Sat: 11-11; Sun: Noon-9P.
Burger King, 632 NE Weidler (7th & Weidler). Mon-Thu: 6A-11P; Fri-Sat: 6A-Mid; Sun: 7A-11P; Drive-up open 24hrs.
Chipotle Mexican Grill, 704 NE Weidler, 503-287-8242. “Fresh-Mex” chain.  11A-10P
Muchas Gracias, 707 NE Weidler, 503-281-0570.  A small local casual fast/food chain. Sun-Thu: 8A-3A; Fri-Sat: 8A-4A.
Taco Bell, 725 NE Weidler. Sun-Wed: 8A-4A; Thu: 8A-4:30A; Fri-Sat: 8A-5A
Habesha, 801 NE Broadway St, 503-284-4299. Ethiopian. Mon-Thu: 11A-9P; Fri-Sat: 11A-10P; Sun: 11A-6P.
Franks Noodle House, 822 NE Broadway, 503-288-1007. Excellent economical SE Asian (mostly Thai) Mon-Sat: 11A-9P; Closed Sun.
Qdoba Grill, 825 NE Weidler, 503-688-5551. A casual Mexican chain. All days: 9-9.
Bellagios Pizza, 815 NE Weidler, 503-688-5551. Very small dining area.  Sun-Thu: 11A-9:30P; Fri-Sat: 11A-10P.
Pho Broadway, 835 NE Broadway, 971-230-1600. Mon-Fri: 9A-10P; Sat-Sun: 8A-9P.
Umi Sushi, 914 NE Broadway, 971-230-1600. Mon-Fri: (LU) 10A-2:30P; (DN) 5P-10P; Sat: 5P-10P.  Closed Sun.
Village Inn, 1621 NE 10th Ave, 503-284-4141 (betw. Weidler & Broadway). Mon-Sat: 6A-9P; Sun: 7A-8P.
Chens Dynasty II, 1025 NE Broadway, 503-282-5811.  Mon-Fri: 11A-10P; Sat-Sun: Noon-10P.
Jimmy Johns, 1139 NE Broadway, 503-719-7774. “Gourmet sandwiches.” They deliver. 11A-9P.
Newport Seafood Grill, 1200 NE Broadway, 503-493-0100, in Hollidays Market. All days: 11A-10P
Subway, 1301 NE Broadway, 503-284-4782.  Also in the mall. Mon-Thu: 7A-11P; Fri: 7A-Mid; Sat: 8A-Mid; Sun: 9A-10P
Milos City Café, 1325 NE Broadway, 503-288-6456. Limited menu, but prepared pretty well– the breakfasts are excellent. Nice wine selection. Mon-Fri: (BK) 6:30A-11A; (LU) 11A-2:30P; (DN) 4:30P-9:30P; Sat-Sun: (BK) 7:30A-2:30P; (DN) 4:30P-9:30P.
Yuki Japanese Restaurant, 1337 NE Broadway, 503-281-6804. Broad selection of Japanese food (not just sushi), prepared very well.  Mon-Thu: 11:30A-10P; Fri-Sat: 11:30A-10:30P; Sun: Noon-10P.
Panda Express, 1403 NE Weidler, 503-287-1118. Fast food Chinese. Sun-Thu: 11A-9P; Fri-Sat: 11A-9:30P.
Sushi Land, 1409 NE Weidler, 503-280-0300. Small sushi café. All days: 11A-9P.
Chai Yo, 1411 NE Broadway. Reasonably good Thai restaurant. 503-287-0505 Mon-Thu: 11A-9:30P; Fri: 11A-10P; Sat: Noon-10P; Sun: Noon-9P.
Sushi Ohana, 1422 NE Broadway, 503-284-1023. Mon-Sat: 11A-10P; Sun: 11A-9:30P.
Pastini Pastaria, 1426 NE Broadway, 503-288-4300. Very good pasta, and gluten-free is available.  Mon-Thu: 11:30A-9P; Fri-Sat: 11:30A-10P; Sun: 4P-9P.
Grand Central Bakery and Café, 1444 NE Weidler. All days: 7A-6P.
Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 1439 NE Halsey, 503-284-8040 (around the corner from 15th & Weidler). Sun-Thu: 11A-Mid; Fri-Sat: 11A-1A.
Peets Coffee, 1441 NE Broadway. Sandwiches, too. Mon-Thu: 5:30A-8P; Fri: 5:30A-9P; Sat: 6A-9P; Sun: 6A-7P.
Aztec Willie/Jose Rose Taqueria, 1501 NE Broadway, 503-280-8900.  All days: 11A-2A.
Koji Osakaya, 1502 NE Weidler, 503-280-0992. Sun-Thu: 11:30A-9:30P; Fri-Sat: 11:30A-10P.
McMenAins on Broadway, 1504 NE Broadway, 503-288-9498 (upstairs, but there’s an elevator - call for directions). Local microbrew legends. Sun-Tue: 11A-11P; Wed-Thu: 11A-Mid; Fri-Sat: 11A-1A.
Broadway Grill & Brewery, 1700 NE Broadway, 503-284-4460. Mon-Thu: 11A-Midnight; Fri: 11A-1A; Sat: 9A-1A; Sun: 9A-11P.
Helen Bernhard Bakery, 1717 NE Broadway. No on-site eating space. Mon-Sat: 6A-6P; Sun: 8A-3P.
Cadillac Café, 1801 NE Broadway, 503-287-4750. Highly recommended if you can get in. Mon-Fri: 6A-2:30P; Sat-Sun: 7A-3P.
Thai Pod, 2015 NE Broadway, 503-493-1122. Mon-Thu: 11A-9P; Fri: 11A-10P; Sat: Noon-10P; Sun: Noon-9P.
Skyline Burgers, 2200 NE Broadway. Mon-Thu: 11P-9P; Fri-Sun: 8A-9P.
Costellos Travel Caffé, 2222 NE Broadway. Also sandwiches. Mon-Fri: 7A-5P; Sat: 8A-4P.
Blue Nile Café, 2225 NE Broadway, 503-284-4653. Ethiopian. Mon-Wed: 5P-10P; Thu-Sun: 11:30A-10P.
Rose & Thistle, 2314 NE Broadway, 503-287-8582. A Scots-style pub w/ burgers, too; the outside patio is probably not practical in November for anyone but diehard smokers.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd/Grand Ave Corridor (the addresses increase as you go north)
Nicolas, 318 SE Grand Ave. Lebanese, inexpensive, good. Mon-Sat: 11A–9P, Sun: Noon–9P
Burgerville USA, 1135 NE MLK Blvd. Fresh local burgers, cited in NY Times and national food magazines. Mon-Fri: 6A-10P; Sat-Sun: 7A-10P
Dennys, 425 NE Hassalo at Grand. All days: 6A-1A
Red Robin, 1139 NE Grand Ave at Multnomah, 503-231-9223. Sun-Thu: 11A-10P; Fri-Sat: 11-11
Wendys Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, 1421 NE Grand Ave, All days: 7A-11P; drive-up open until 2A.
McDonalds, 1502 NE Grand (Grand & Weidler). Mon-Sat: 5A-11P; Sun: 6A-11P; drive-up open 24 hrs.
Lloyd Center is one of the largest shopping centers in Oregon, across the street of the con hotel. 100+ stores of nearly every type and price, a large food court–plus an ice skating rink!
Stanfords, NE 9th & Multnomah, 503-335-0811. Specializes in wood-grilled meats and fish. Sun-Thu: 11A-11P; Fri-Sat: 11A-Midnight; Happy Hour: 3P-6P (all days).
Lloyd Center Food Court, on the third floor, most shops are open until about 10P.  Here’s what we found in early September (from left to right, facing the movie theater entrance):
Billy Heartbeats (50's-style burger & malts joint)
Hot Dog on a Stick (you can probably guess what they serve)
Medi Grill (gyros and kabobs)
Sarku Japan (mostly teriyaki, with some sushi)
Ocean Aloha (“coming soon”)
McDonald’s Express
Villa Pizza (pizza and pasta)
[eight-plex movie theater]
Tilt (video games)
Cajun Grill (fish, chicken, shrimp)
Orange Julius
Chicken Connection (chicken and shrimp)
Steamers “Asian Street Bistro” (Chinese and Thai food)
Taco Time
Rose City Café (salads and sandwiches)
Lotus Express (Chinese)
All-American Ice Cream and Yogurt
Other food outlets are scattered around the mall, including Cinnabon and Yoyumba.

Nearby (a car, bus or light rail ride)
Pour, 2755 NE Broadway. Wine bar with a large list. Mon-Sat: Noon-2A.
Sweet Basil Thai, 3135 NE Broadway, 503-281-8337. Reservations recommended (it’s pretty small). LU (Mon-Fri): 11:30A-2:30P; (Sat-Sun) Noon-3P; DN (Sun-Thu) 5P-9P; (Fri-Sat) 5P-10P.
Nicolas, 3223 NE Broadway, 503-445-4700. Lebanese, inexpensive, good. Mon-Thurs: 11A–9P,  Fri-Sat: 11A-10P,  Sun: Noon–9P.
Toro Bravo, 120 NE Russell,  503-281-4464.  Judged one of the best restaurants in Portland.  Excellent tapas and great drinks.  Not very workable for large groups.  Sun-Thu: 5P-10P; Fri-Sat: 5P-11P.
Pok Pok, 3226 SE Division St, 503-232-1387. Award-winning, delicious Thai street-food.  Always crowded.  All days: 11:30A-10P
Eastburn, 1800 E Burnside, 503-236-2876. A longish walk from the hotel (about 1 ½ miles).  This building was the birthplace of Portland fandom, back when it was “Carl’s Store” (The Illustrated Store) in the mid-70’s. Then it was Future Dreams (now across the stree), a comics and book store that got thousands of my dollars over the year.  Now it’s an eclectic tavern, serving high-end pub food and 19 ever-changing taps of draft beers plus their Den Bar.  Mon-Fri: 4P-2A; Sat-Sun: 10A-2A.
Henrys Tavern, 10 NW 12th Ave, 503-227-5320  (downtown). Combine pub food, pan-Asian cuisine, fresh seafood, pizza and traditional American comfort food (like macaroni and cheese, and meatloaf), over 100 different beers on tap. Well deserves a visit. Mon-Wed: 11A-11P; Thu: 11A-Mid; Fri: 11A-1A; Sat: 10A-1A; Sun: 10A-11P.
Higgins Restaurant and Bar, 1239 SW Broadway, 503-222-9070 (downtown). Long list of awards, impressive list of Belgian beers, great meals prepared with local ingredients. Reservations strongly suggested. Mon-Fri: 11:30A-Mid; Sat-Sun: 4P-Mid.
Queen of Sheba, 2413 NE MLK Blvd., 503-287-6302. Ethiopian, well reviewed. Sun-Wed DN 5P-9P; Thu-Sat: LU Noon-2P,  DN 5P-10P.
Wongs King Seafood, 8733 SE Division St., 503-788-8883. Likely the best Chinese restaurant , specializes in seafood dishes, but also gets raves for its dim sum lunches. Inexpensive, highly recommended. 503-788-8883. Mon-Fri: 10A-11P; Sat-Sun: 9:30A-11P; Dim Sum: 9:30A-3P daily.
East 28th Avenue: From NE Glisan St to SE Ankeny St (six blocks), 28th Ave is filled with interesting restaurants, too many to list here, including Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Chinese (and a nice gelato shop).
NE Alberta St.: A mile-long avenue of shops, galleries and great restaurants. A few blocks away is Concordia Ale House, with over 100 beers in bottles and dozens on draft (including a long list of Belgians).
North Mississippi: The home to eclectic shops and interesting restaurants. Mississippi Pizza Pub serves good pizza (and live music) and Amnesia is serving their beer. New restaurants seem to be opening weekly.

Nearby Brewpubs
Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world (close to 50 of them). Here are a dozen nearby breweries and brewpubs that are worth the trip, only a 10-15 minute drive from the hotel:
Reverend Nats Cidery and Public Taproom, 1813 NE 2nd. Thu-Sat: 5-10P Sun Noon-5P.
Breakside, 820 NE Dekum. Delightful, ever-changing list of beers and very good pub food. Mon-Thu: 3P-10P; Fri-Sat: Noon-11P; Sun: Noon-10P.
Deschutes Brewery, 210 NW 11th Ave., 503-296-4906  It features an excellent range of food, and a lot of taps, many serving beers that you’ll find nowhere else (except at their other pub in Bend).  With rare exceptions, all the beers they serve here are brewed on-site. Sun-Thu: 11A11P; Fri-Sat: 11A-Mid.     
Full Sail Pilsner Room, 0307 SW Montgomery*, 503-222-5343 (on the westside riverfront, in the Riverplace Marina district).  This outlet of Hood River’s famous Full Sail Brewery has its own brewing operation, and a pleasant pub for meals; often very full Fri-Sat. nights.)  All days: 11A-9P 
* (A Portland quirk: Numbers preceded by zero are east of the east-west dividing line for numbering, but west of the river. So, going east, its 307... 207... 107 ... 7... 007... 0107 ... 0207 ... 0307)
Russell Street Barbeque, 325 NE Russell St, 503-528-8224. Superb greens and corn bread, and their pork, beef, chicken and catfish are excellent. Sun-Thu 11A-9P, Fri-Sat 11A-10P.
Widmers Gasthaus, 955 N Russell, 503-281-3333. Oregon’s craft brewing pioneers whose Hefeweizen outsells every other draft beer in the state (even Bud and Miller). The Gasthaus features German-influenced food with local ouches, and nearly two dozen of their beers on tap— many of which you won’t find anyplace else. Sun-Thu: 11A-10M (bar open to 10:30P); Fri-Sat: 11A-11P.
5th Quadrant, 3901 N Willis, 503-288-3996. Part of the "New Old Lompoc" family of pubs, this is now their production brewery as well as a brewpub. The menu isn't extensive, but the food is good– and the beer is outstanding. Very pleasant neighborhood gathering spot. Mon-Thu: 11A-Mid; Fri-Sat: 11A-10P; closed Sun.  Their Sidebar tasting Room, around the corner also features a continuously-changing line-up of barrel-aged beers. Wed-Thu: 4P-10P; Fri-Sat: 4P-11P.
Hub (Hopworks Urban BreweryBike Bar, 3947 N Williams, 503-287-6258 (next door to the Sidebar). You can ride off those calories on their bicycle/generators outside.  They serve sandwiches, pizza and calzones.  Sun-Thu: 11A-11P; Fri-Sat: 11A-Mid.
Alameda Brewhouse, 4765 NE Fremont, 503-460-9025. Good beers and food, they can handle large groups. Sun-Thu: 11A-11P; Fri-Sat: 11A-Mid.
Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, 5115 NE Sandy Blvd., 503-282-0622.  Best Small Brewpub at the 2004 World Beer Cup awards, very child-friendly, and they’ve won numerous other awards for their beer. Reservations for groups of 8+ Mon-Thu: 11A-11P; Fri: 11A-Mid; Sat: 10A-Mid; Sun: 10A-11P. (BK: 10A-3P on weekends.)
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-236-3555. Featured in the NY Times, one of the best breweries in Portland. The food menu is fairly light (sandwiches, soup and bento skewers). Mon-Sat: 11A-Mid; Sun: Noon-10P.
Hair of the Dog Brewery, 61 SE YAhill St., 503-232-6585.  A wonderful selection of eclectic beers and good food.  Michael Jackson (the beer guru, not the singer) once called Hair of the Dog one of the ten best breweries in the US.  Tue-Sun: 11:30A-8P; Fri-Sat: 11:30-10P.

Other Services
Note: In Oregon, hard liquor (whiskey, vodka, etc.) must be purchased in the state-run liquor store. However, beer and wine can be purchased in any grocery.

ATMs: The closest credit union ATM is an Electra Credit Union machine at the Liberty Center, 600 NE Holladay (next to the First Technology Credit Union branch). There are several bank branches and ATMs in or near Lloyd Center, including at the Food Court.  Banks include Key Bank at 825 NE Multnomah, US Bank at 1601 NE Weidler, Wells Fargo at 1405 Lloyd Center.

Powells City of Books: 1005 W Burnside, 503-228-4651. 9A-11P daily. The largest bookstore in North Aerica, Powell’s City of Books is a Portland legend and national treasure. It’s about three miles from the hotel, and there are three ways to get there using Portland’s light rail system:

  • Take a westbound Red or Blue Line MAX light rail train to the Skidmore Fountain station. You are now on 1st Avenue, underneath Burnside. Walk west on Burnside to 10th, to Powell’s.
  • You can also take the Green Line light rail train to NW 5th Avenue at NE Couch, walk a block south (the direction the train was going), then turn right (west) and walk five blocks to Powell’s.
  • Or stay on the westbound MAX train to the Galleria station at SW 10th Avenue & Morrison. Board the Portland Streetcar on SW 10th Avenue (your light rail ticket will cover the streetcar ride, also), and get off two stops later at Powell’s (or walk from the light rail stop–it’s about four blocks north/downhill.) Reverse to return to the hotel, although the street car runs on 11th Avenue on return trips, and the return light rail trains are boarded on Yamhill, one block south of Morrison.
  • Don’t forget– they have five other stores in the area, once across 10th Avenue which specializes in science and technical books, plus a store at Portland International Airport, which, as all other of their stores, sells and buys used books as well as selling new.

: 736 NE MLK (at Oregon). A local Japanese grocery, within walking distance of the convention, with all kinds of fun stuff. Mon-Sat: 9A-6:30P; Sun: Noon-5P.

Great Wine Buys: 1515 NE Broadway. Mon-Sat: 10:30A-7P; Sun: Noon-5P.

Fred Meyer: 3030 NE Weidler (driving distance). A "one-stop shopping" market with one of the best wine selections in town. All days: 7A-11P.

K/i/n/k/o/’/s/ FedEx Office: 1605 NE 7th at Weidler. Open 24hrs.

Liquor Store: 1621 NE 9th, 503-288-0961, south of Weidler. Mon-Sat: 11A-8P; Sun: 1P-6P.

The Mac Store: 700 NE Multnomah.  Mon-Fri: 9A-7P; Sat: 10A-5P; Sun: Noon-5P.

Radio Shack: 1606 NE 6th, north of Weidler. Also in mall. Mon-Fri: 9A-9P; Sat: 9A-8P; Sun: 10A-7P.

Safeway: 1100 NE Broadway. Full-service grocery store, including beer, wine, sushi, deli and pharmacy. All days: 6A-1A.

Trader Joes: 4218 NE Sandy Blvd (driving distance, or take the Blue, Green or Red light rail lines and get off at the Hollywood Station (it’s across the street from the station)–cost is $2.50 each way). All days: 8A-9P.

Walgreens: 1620 NE Grand at Weidler, 503-493-2715 . All days: 8A-Mid. Pharmacy: Mon-Fri: 9A-9P; Sat: 9A-6P; Sun: 10A-6P. There’s also a 24-hour Walgreen’s at the corner of SE 39th Avenue and SE Belmont St.

Dove Lewis 24-Hour Animal Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove, 503-228-7281.