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Hall Costumes

What would a con be like without people in costumes roaming the halls? A lot less colorful all around and perhaps a bit less interesting for some. Costumes that people can see up close can be fascinating regardless of whether the outfit is simple or extravagant. It is a form of self-expression called wearable art and while some may say "Art who?", many would be disappointed to see it disappear. Hall costumes have started many a conversation and more than a few friendships. They've been around since the early days of the conventions and will most likely (hopefully) be around for a long time to come. Why do we give awards to people who make and/or wear these sometimes-silly, sometimes-scary, frequently thought provoking creations? To say "Thank You" for visually livening up a weekend for a lot of people and for having the courage (and talent) to do so. So to everybody in the "funny clothes" this weekend -- Thank you!