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Fan Tables

Need a break but don't want to miss the fun? Stop by the Fan Tables mini con in the Ballroom Lobby. Here you can find a fan group to join, a future event to attend, and much more.

Fan Tables Hours
Friday 12pm-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm 
Sunday 10am-4pm

Attending Groups
Mandalorian Mercs
Our local space warriors will talk to you about costuming and the different Star wars fan groups in Portland.
PDX Browncoats
PDX Browncoats provides volunteer assistance and financial contributions to nonprofits that promote equality for men and women, local action, and other ideals espoused in the works of Joss Whedon. We provide social outlets for fans of Whedon’s works because we have learned that socializing is an important step toward activism.
The Northwest's premier fan-based anime convention! Now over four days, Kumoricon is jam-packed with celebrity guests of honor, industry and fan panels, contests including our huge AMV contest and cosplay contest, and more! Preregister quickly at www.kumoricon.org, and we'll see you between August 29th and September 1 at the Vancouver Hilton and neighboring Red Lion!
Science Fiction Museum
Come meet Ed Stiner, the proprietor of the coolest science fiction memorabilia collection in Oregon!
Cascade Writers
Cascade Writers' summer Workshop features editors, agents, and professionals as well as small group Milford-style critique sessions with established authors. Classes are offered for writers of any genre and experience level.
Cascade Writers offers an annual 4-day regional writing workshop with programming featuring editors, agents, and professionals. The workshop track features Milford-style critique sessions with established authors. Concurrent programming offers classes ranging from writing basics to strategies for mid-career authors and publishing through traditional and non-traditional avenues.
Oregon L5 Society
Oregon L5 members share the dream of a thriving human civilization off the Earth. We are a free affiliate chapter of the National Space Society. We welcome new members, or just stop by to chat. “ALL THINGS SPACE” is our bailiwick. P.O. Box 86, Oregon City, OR 97045; http://www.OregonL5.org .
Battlestar Galactica
In 2015 Seattle will put on its Colonial Warrior’s dress uniform and play host to Galacticon IV, a weekend long experience that all who attend will never forget! Galacticon IV will not only feature special guests from the Battlestar Galactica universe, but also from the fan favorite Firefly.
Zombie Squad
Zombie Squad is a national 501c(3) that promotes disaster preparedness. If you are ready for a zombie apocalypse you are ready for anything!
 Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead. We provide trained, motivated, skilled zombie extermination professionals and zombie survival consultants. Our people and our training are the best in the industry.
 When the zombie removal business is slow we focus our efforts towards educating ourselves and our community about the importance of disaster preparation. If you are prepared for zombies, you're prepared for anything.
To satisfy this goal we host disaster relief charity fundraisers, disaster preparation seminars and volunteer our time towards emergency response agencies.
 Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of personal preparedness and self reliance, to increase its readiness to respond to disasters such as Earthquakes, Floods, Terrorism or Zombie Outbreaks. We want to make sure you are prepared for any crisis situation that might come along in your daily life which may include having your face eaten by the formerly deceased.
 We are your local chapter of Zombie Squad, ZSC011 (Oregon). We have been chartered since 2009. We were part of ZSC005 (Pacific Northwest) but splintered off the state of Oregon a year after 005 was chartered. We have promoted disaster preparedness and suppressed zombie incursions at events like the Portland Zombie Prom.
 Lately we have been supporting local charities like Lift UP, Meals on Wheels, and CAT. You can also find us volunteering for community service with NET and the Red Cross. On top of all that we do disaster prep seminars for HOAs, businesses, and other groups.
 -Gabe "Ninja-Elbow" Martin, President ZSC011 (Oregon)
PIGSquad/Pixel Art game Education
• Portland Indie Game Squad: PIGSquad is a game developer and enthusiast community dedicated to providing the area with more game-related events, resources, and networking opportunities. Find out more on our website at www.pigsquad.com or on Facebook by searching "Portland Indie Game Squad!"
• Pixel Arts Game Education: We open source social change through video games. By providing safe, hands-on learning environments and resources to youth and adults invested in maker culture and video games, we serve the belief that shared creation and education provides value to our community. Find out more about our volunteer opportunities and events at www.gameeducationpdx.com!
Join us for late-night LARPs.
Portland Geek Council
The Portland Geek Council is a collaborative of geek-friendly businesses, performers, and interest organizations, committed to working together in an ethical fashion, to nurture and promote the health and interests of the geek culture of Portland, Oregon.
Springdale Job Corps
Learn about Job Core opportunities.
Gnats Wing
Star Trek fan group from Vancouver, WA.
Podcasting Booth
For the first time, there will be podcasting from Orycon! Stop by and say hello to some of your favorite PDX podcasters.
Sasquan (Worldcon 2015)
Sasquan is the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon), to be held in Spokane, Washington August 19-23, 2015.  Worldcon is the largest, all-volunteer traveling SF convention and in addition to many people and exhibits not seen elsewhere, is the sponsoring organization of the Hugo Awards for best in SF and these awards are voted on by members of the convention.
D20 Girls
The D20 Girls Project aims to break down modeling stereotypes; we are not Barbie™ dolls. We are Anime, Goth, Steampunk, Boudoir, Magic, Zombies, Faeries, Furries, Vampires, and much more. The catch? Well, we look good doing it. We are nerdettes of the highest quality and love it. We believe that spokesmodels within the industry should be able to talk shop and promote fandom and work, as well as embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes.
That being said, we are women united across the US through our shared love for the gaming world. Many of our members are young women with a passion for gaming, a penchant for the artistic and unusual, and brimming with energy and ideas – The D20 Girls offer them a chance to hone and focus their talents and their passion together. By participating in our event services, providing content for our publications, and playing an active role in the project each D20 Girls is building their own personal resume and skill set by embracing the things they enjoy. It’s the best of both worlds. http://ww4.d20girls.com/
USS Wolf-359
The USS Wolf 359 is a chapter of the International Star Trek Fan Club, also known as STARFLEET. We are part of Starfleet Region 5, based in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area. We are an active chapter, meeting face to face once a month to share information, ideas, and projects. Our web site is  http://uss-wolf-359.com
Potlatch 23
Potlatch is a small, friendly, fannish, literary science-fiction convention that wanders around the Pacific Northwest. Potlatch 23 will be February 21-23 in San Jose, California. Drop by and say hi at our fan table, the party, or at <potlatch-sf.org>.
Loncon 3 (Worldcon 2014)
Join us in London for a celebration of science fiction in all its forms. The ExCeL centre in East London will be the site of Loncon 3, the 72nd Worldcon, August 14-18, 2014.  
The Northwest Blacksmith Association is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind. We promote the art and craft of blacksmithing and related metal crafts.
Founded in 1979, the NWBA is a Washington corporation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit Charitable organization. The Association is organized solely for educational purposes, including, but not limited to: encouraging and facilitating training programs and conferences to promote high standards for the art and craft of blacksmithing and related metal crafts; disseminating information about sources of equipment, literature and material related to the art and craft of blacksmithing and related crafts; exposing the public and interested groups to the art and craft of blacksmithing. The N.W.B.A. is one of the oldest and largest organization of its kin
Thunder Lion Studio/Keep Wars
Thunder Lion Studio is a video game company created to set trends and to work heavily with gamers who play the games we make. We strive to try new things, look beyond current concepts, and create our own. One of our goals is to get players to think in different ways and to be able to win games multiple ways.