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Mana Conrad

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Aloha, Oregon
Lost in the winds, wondering where I will land....

Who am I?

*ponders the hardest question for a moment*

One would think that a writer would be able to fill out this part with the prefect introduction. But not I. *chuckles softly* Words flow from my mind as I write my books but then evade me as I must talk of myself.

I could fill this section with sugarfied charm and flowery comments, but then that wouldn't really express the real me.

I am a down to earth Aries who has, what some would consider, a bad habit of being brutally honest. Beyond my relaxed nature, my friends say that I am a great person to be around unless I'm upset. I have the Aries temperament, so I tend to be dark and brooding when provoked. *wolfish grin*

I do love being outdoors, it stirs something in my soul that city life can't. I love being outdoors and in the wilds. I have always been a creature of the untamed lands. A wolf loping through the forest or a wild mare running on the open plains.

I think of myself as creative, I seem to always have some sort of project going. I also love a challenge and I don't back down once things have started.