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Photo Policy

By entering the OryCon convention space, members consent to video and/or audio recording by both OryCon staff and other event attendees.  Visual recording includes both photography and videography. Some convention spaces or events will prohibit or restrict visual and/or audio recording; signs will be posted indicating such restrictions.

For the purpose of visual recording, OryCon event spaces are not public.  Attendees may ask photographers and videographers to not be specifically recorded; however, unintentional or non-specific recording is likely due to the nature of the convention. People have a reasonable expectation of privacy and the right to control visual and audio recording in their hotel rooms.

When stopping for photography in a hallway, please be brief and do not block the flow of hallway traffic.  Be aware that a flash or other light source may interfere with event activities.

OryCon will only accept submissions if they include an explicit statement from the owner of the work giving OryCon permission to reproduce, publish, and distribute the work for the purpose of promoting OryCon. Submissions must be sent in the form of links to online galleries (Flickr, YouTube, Photobucket, Facebook, etc.).  Attachments will be ignored.  Please send all submissions to photos@orycon.org.